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Digital Planning Tools for Urban Transformation

Publication from the city lab Piura

Digital Planning Tools for Sustainable Urban Transformation

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Authors: Fernandez, Trinidad; Schroeder, Stella

Year: 2023

Publication: International Journal of E-Planning Research (IJEPR) 12(1)

Doi: 10.4018/IJEPR.319733

How can digital planning tools and urban data facilitate developing smart and innovative actions for sustainable urban planning in response to urban sprawl?

Our pilot city Piura has one of the highest rates of urban sprawl in Peru. Horizontal urban expansion and informal occupation of peripheral areas are serious challenges for urban planning and city administrations.

The MGI City Lab team in Piura has used the digital planning tool GIS for the spatial analysis of the area where the pilot project has been implemented.  Such tools facilitate swift and precise action in the design and evaluation of urban plans.

This recently published study by the City Lab coordinators Trinidad Fernandez and Stella Schroeder demonstrates on the case of the MGI pilot in Piura how tools like GIS are used for the gathering of urban data and their evaluation. It analyses the development of the project implementation considering the city’s opportunities and challenges.

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