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The MGI Webinar Series

Climate change adaption requires a flexible, innovative, and responsive urban system. On this basis, the Morgenstadt Global Smart Cities Initiative (MGI) is hosting a series of webinars. Hence, the topics are derived from the research conducted in the City Labs of the pilot cities Kochi (India), Saltillo (Mexico) and Piura (Peru). Consequently, the webinar series aims to bring together administrations, academia, and economy to facilitate knowledge exchange in the field of climate change mitigation and climate change impact adaptation. The goal is thus to advance sustainable urban development for adaptive and resilient cities on a global scale.
Drei Bilder von jeweils einer Pilotstadt mit dem MGI-Logo im Vordergrund.


The next webinar is planned for September/October 2022.

Webinar Calendar

11.06.21 Integriertes Planen für resiliente Städte – Werkzeuge und Ansätze
19.11.2021 Adapting to Climate Change – Urban Water Management
Ecosystem Services and Nature-Based Solutions Friday, 13. May at 03:00 p.m. (CETS). Click here to register. Agenda Webinar
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