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MGI Presents Design Concept to the Residents in Piura

Following the workshops in July, MGI presented the design concept of the park that is planned to be constructed in the 18 de Mayo neighborhood to the residents and the municipality of Piura on the 28th of August.

the image shows a dry drainage channel littered with garbage.
Current State of the Drainage Channel. | Image: MGI
the image shows an architec design for a park.
The Conceptual Design | Image: MGI

The idea is to transform the local drainage channel into a linear park. It is planned to maintain the denivelation of the channel for the construction of terraces for cultivating plants. Also, the space can be flooded during the rainy season, turning into a water body with a cooling effect. Meanwhile, the sidewalks of the new park will offer room for playgrounds, sports, and promenading.

The residents expressed their contentment with the development of the project and the municipality approved of the proposal. 

Read more about the workshops here:

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