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Women of MGI Part 7

Catalina Díaz, Project Coordinator and Co-Leader City Lab Saltillo

Although, especially among young researchers, the “Gender Gap” in science has narrowed in recent years, men are still more present in international research. As a global scientific enterprise, the combination of various perspectives and experiences is vital for MGI. We would like to shed light on this particular topic and therefore we are asking the women of MGI to share their experiences.

Q.: Please tell us about your work. Which activities are you currently occupied with?

A.: Since I joined the MGI team I have been involved in the management of the overall initiative and the coordination of the City Lab Saltillo. My job consists of keeping an eye on the project activities and to facilitate their execution identifying the best ways to get things done. It involves constant communication with colleagues, project partners, and our project funder. Therefore, creating the optimal conditions to facilitate this constant exchange is key in my daily work.

Outside MGI, I serve as content manager in projects in the field of urban planning, where an understanding of the whole picture and a creative mindset are always required. Reporting and deliverables are the things that keep me busy, where my role is to make sure that we tell the right story to the audience with high quality content. In parallel, topics related to human-centered perspectives, public-spaces appropriation, and livability in the urban realm spark my interest and curiosity.

Q.: What does it mean for you to work as a woman in science?

A.: Being a woman in science is a great privilege. In a field that has been mainly dominated by men, I have the honor of working with amazing and highly qualified women who are truly an inspiration. I have found brilliant, kind, and professional women among my colleagues in the MGI team and in the other projects I work on. Without a doubt, now is the time when I see women shining the brightest with incredible contributions to science and sustainable urban development.