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Saltillo: Local team meets with neighborhood committee

Saltillo: Local team meets with neighborhood committee

Gabriela de Valle and Eduardo Santillán talking with the residentes. | Image: MGI

The local MGI team in Saltillo and its partners (Dirección de Desarrollo Social del Municipio de Saltillo, TEC de Monterrey and IMPLAN) met for the first time with the neighborhood committee of the pilot project implementation area. The meeting took place at the Plaza Colonia Brisas in the northwest of the city on September 23rd.

The inclusion of different stakeholders is a fundamental part of MGI’s implementation strategy. Therefore, the objective of the meeting was to get the representatives’ insight on the flooding problem that is planned to be addressed by the MGI pilot project Blue-Green Infrastructure.

“We have had this problem for over 15 years”, commented one of the neighbors, “Every year in the rainy season we are faced with large flows of water and accidents. The drains and sewers get clogged with mud and garbage causing serious flooding, preventing the passage of cars and the use of the park.”

Another goal was to familiarize the neighbors with the scope of the project. The local team explained the four blue-green infrastructure techniques to be used in the implementation, as well as their advantages and limitations. The neighbors expressed their interest in contributing and collaborating in the maintenance of the future plaza, as well as their hope that the intervention will help mitigate the risks of intervention.

MGI cares to continue this exchange with the neighborhood A second meeting with all the inhabitants of the area is currently in planning.

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