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Trinidad Fernandez

I have been part of this project since the first conception phase, back in 2016, when together with my colleagues from Fraunhofer IAO and the cities we applied for the first stage of the IKI call. Currently, I am coordinating the MGI initiative from the political and financial side as deputy coordinator and leading the City Lab Piura (Peru). Besides, I am contributing to the mobility sector in the City Lab Saltillo (Mexico). Through research and consultancy projects, my work and expertise are focused on research projects in the fields of sustainable urban development and climate change mitigation through the integration of smart city concepts and solutions.


Trinidad studied Architecture (M.Sc) at the University of Chile and Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design (M.Sc.) at the University of Stuttgart, Germany.

Trinidad Fernandez works as a project manager and researcher in the research unit “Urban Economy Innovation”, part of the Competence Center for Urban Systems Engineering at the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO).

She was the project coordinator of Triangulum, one of the first SCC1 projects. This large, multidisciplinary smart city project focuses on the implementation of smart city solutions in Manchester (UK), Stavanger (Norway) and Eindhoven (Netherlands) in the mobility, energy and ICT sectors to be replicated in Sabadell (Spain), Prague (Czech Republic) and Leipzig (Germany) in a strategic way.


Moreover, she is participating and leading the project proposal of the MGI project, where she is co-coordinating this initiative that supports model cities in India, Mexico and Peru in the development and implementation of sustainable transformation processes. There, he runs a laboratory in the city of Piura (Peru) and supports sector-wide approaches to urban planning in the two Latin American cities.


Additionally, she has been involved in the last years in the development of the “Morgenstadt City Index” and took a distinct role in the customization of a holistic approach that aims for sustainable urban development and climate change mitigation through the integration of smart city concepts and solutions



Deputy coordinator MGI / Leader City Lab Piura / Urban Planning Expert for Saltillo and Piura


Fraunhofer IAO




I am pleased to contribute and support our project with a role as an urban planner to a sustainable transformation for our partner cities with our Morgenstadt City Labs.