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Edsmilda Martínez


  • 2019 a degree in architecture at the University of Piura.
  • Student exchange at the University of Navarra-Spain.
  • Collaborator in the Morgenstadt Global Smart Cities Initiative project.
  • 2018: construction assistant at the company MAYME Contractors and Consultants S.A.C.
  • Participation international workshop “Parque de la Memoria Pedregal” in 2020.
  • Construction of housing modules in the municipality of Curamori -Piura with the group SINMÁS in 2017 after the phenomenon “El Niño”.



Research Assistant


University of Piura




What motivated me to be part of this project, was its vision and objectives, because as a Piurana, I know the weaknesses and strengths that Piura presents as a city, that is why as a graduate of Architecture and with an inclination to Urbanism, I found a great opportunity in this project to contribute to a better development of Piura as a sustainable city model. My expectations are very high for this Project, as very well thought-out methodologies and processes will be implemented that will serve for all the actors in the city to get involved and participate in the entire process of this project, which will serve to inform them, learn more the city and thus be able to make Piura a sustainable and resilient city.