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Dr. Debjani Ghosh

Debjani Ghosh is a social scientist with a Master’s degree and PhD in Planning with more than 20 years of professional experience in the urban domain. Presently working as Associate Professor, National Institute of Urban Affairs, New Delhi, she leads the projects related to sustainable planning and capacity building. Her interest and core area of work has been data driven governance, evidence- based planning and to engage with stakeholders working in knowledge exchange, sharing and management both within and outside India.

Currently some of the projects she leads include the monitoring and assessment of Integrated Capacity Building Programme as a strategic partner for Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs, Government of India; Morgenstadt Global Smart Cities Initiative with the University of Stuttgart, Germany, supported by the German Federal Government and Capacity Building for Smart Data and Inclusive Cities in partnership with IDS Sussex, UK, supported by European Union in 4 Smart Cities in India.

She has represented her Institute in several national and international platforms to forward the agenda of sustainable cities.




Local Coordinator India


National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA)


New Delhi


Mitigating Co2 emissions is a very important contributor towards making cities resilient. I hope the story of the three cities will pave the way for more applied research in the global urban scenario for mitigating local level climate change.