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Digital Project Work in Times of COVID-19

Digital On-Site Assessment of the Saltillo-Team

The difficult circumstances of the COVID-19 crisis for international projects like MGI call for great communication and innovative ideas. In order to be able to continue conducting the City Lab Saltillo, a digital on-site assessment with local partners is being planned.
The Teams of Kochi, Saltillo and Piura are in regular exchange for best practices regarding the methodology of workshops and on-site assessments.

Virtual Morgenstadt-Methodology Workshop of the Piura-Team

Virtual Morgenstadt Methodology Workshop of the Piura-Team

On July 16th, the Piura team held its second methodology workshop in which each sector presented its achievements. During this event, the importance of conducting working sessions was highlighted as the main tool for reflecting on Piura’s main impact factors. Thus, while field visits are suspended for the moment due to the pandemic, the team remains optimistic and eager to continue working virtually.

Kochi Visit postponed

Due to the pandemic and the resulting measures taken to control the spread of the virus, the second phase of the on-site assessment, dedicate to crystalizing the project ideas developed in the first phase, had to be postponed. However, teamwork is still functioning effectively as the team regularly connects on virtual platforms.

On one hand the nation-wide lockdown in India has led to lower air pollution levels, but on the other hand for example the management of increasing levels of waste has become a

major concern during the pandemic.