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Women of MGI Part 6

Edsmilda Martinez Hidalgo, Graduate in Architecture at the University of Piura

Although, especially among young researchers, the “Gender Gap” in science has narrowed in recent years, men are still more present in international research. As a global scientific enterprise, the combination of various perspectives and experiences is vital for MGI. We would like to shed light on this particular topic and therefore we are asking the women of MGI to share their experiences.

Q.: Please tell us about your work. Which activities are you currently occupied with?

A.: I am a member of the Piura team within the Morgenstadt Global Smart Cities Initiative. We are currently preparing the revision of the city profile as well as the evaluation of the pilot project that is planned for implementation in the city. As a citizen of Piura, I am very motivated by being part of this project, because I am aware of the reality in Piura. I am convinced that initiatives like MGI will help make Piura a better, more sustainable and inclusive city for all.

Q.: What does it mean for you to work as a woman in science?

A.: I am aware that I am a young woman and that I have much to learn in the professional field. At this moment, I am proud to be part of the MGI team and to contribute to the urban future of my city. As a young woman, I know about the challenges that women face in the field of science and technology, but I am sure that this gender gap will narrow and eventually disappear and that each time the representation of women in this field grows, it demonstrates our potential, intelligence and creativity.