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Stella Schroeder


  • PhD candidate in Urban Planning at the Bio-Bio University Concepción, Chile
  • Master of Science in Urban Development and Urban Design at HafenCity University Hamburg
  • Professor and coordinator of urban planning at the University of Piura, with research in sustainable territorial planning, cities for people, the co-production of the city, citizen participation, urban morphology, public spaces and intervention
  • Research manager at ECE-Projektmanagement
  • Consultant of urban planning and Housing in Hamburg
  • Technical advisor in the German Cooperation (giz)

Founder of #FuturoPiura, a platform that encourages citizen participation in urban planning in Piura



Local Coordinator Piura


University of Piura




I think it is very important to bring local players together, to work in a participatory way and to prepare the city for the future. I already lived in Peru in 2017 during the El Niño climate phenomenon. The city was hit hard by the floods. This made me realize I realized how urgent adaptive and preventive measures are.