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Oscar Williams Guillen Herrera


  • Bachelor in Civil Engineering, University of Piura, Perú – 2014
  • 01/2020-Present, Investigator, University of Piura, Piura, Perú
  • 03/2019-12/2019, Project and study designer, Talara Municipality, Talara, Piura, Perú
  • 01/2019-03/2019, Topography and Aerialphotography Specialist, Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Isla Rey Jorge, Antártida
  • 01/2015-01/2019, Investigator, University of Piura, Piura, Perú
  • 01/2013-03/2013, Inspector, La Brea Municipality, Talara, Piura, Perú
  • 07/2019, Pacific Alliance Youth Volunteer
    • Pacific Alliance – Secretary of Foreign Relations of Mexico
    • Sierra Tarahumara, Chihuahua, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico
  • 04/2018-07/2018, Project Coordinator
    • ONG CANAT – SIN MÁS Projects
    • Bajo Piura, Piura, Perú


Research Team Member Piura


University of Piura




Participating in this type of project is without a doubt a rewarding experience in which I’ like to share my knowledge and develop new skills. I am sure that this experience will be the starting point for initiatives that will have an impact in Peru and the world, assuming the challenge and commitment to make this a reality from my possibilities.