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Nadja Riedel

Nadja Riedel is an urban planner with long-standing experience in research, housing economics and public administration. She has been working for the City of Leipzig since 2016, first as local coordinator of the Leipzig Follower City activities within the EU Smart Project TRIANGULUM. Since 2019 she coordinates Leipzig’s activities in the EU project SPARCS as well as other local smart city projects. NETZWERKE
Speaker in the MGI-Webinar “Smart Citiy Policies” on the topic “Die Smart City Unit Leipzig – Institutionalization of the Smart City Topic in Urban in Municipal Organizations”.
nadja riedel


Senior Project Officer


Digital City Unit Leipzig


Leipzig, Germany


“We need to be aware that a clean and healthy environment is a human right. However, this right also implies a responsibility: to rethink and reframe the relationship among production, society, and environment. The contribution of communities, industries, academy, civil society organizations, during the process of policies making will make our cities more sustainable, resilience and inclusive.”