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María Daniela de los Ángeles Zavala Salazar


  • 2020 graduate in architecture at the University of Piura
  • 2020: collaborator in the Morgenstadt Global Smart Cities Initiative project
  • 2020: “Proyectos 3” course assistant of University of Piura
  • 2019: construction assistant in UIC consultoría y construcción EIRL
  • Volunteer of “Ludoteca Gotitas de Amor”
  • Participation and certificate of the online course Building Inclusive Cities: Tackling Urban Inequality and Segregation



Research Assistant


University of Piura




The MGI team offers me the possibility to be part of this experience, contributing to transform and improve the city in which I was born, with my career and my short experience and knowledge. My expectations for the project are high and excited. I hope that the change will be positive, and that the population will really commit to building a sustainable and resilient city.