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Gabriela de Valle del Bosque


Gabriela de Valle an economist with a Master in Urbanen Studies. Sie is Coordinator for Sustainability and Climate Change at Instituto Municipal de Planeación Saltillo (IMPLAN).

Since April 2022 is part of MGI as the Local Leader of the City Lab Saltillo.

With her Team she is responsible for coordinating events and activities of the project. She is also responsible for promoting the participation in the project of the government, the economic sector, universities and the civil society.


You can read more about Gabriela de Valle in our series “MGI Women – Women in Science“. Find the complete interview on our blog.
Foto of Gabriela de Valle


Coordiantor for Sustainability and Climate Change




Saltillo, Mexico


“Environmental research is fundamental. If we study and learn from nature, we can build better cities that offer opportunities and wellbeing without destroying our planet.”