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Marjan Stojiljkovic


  • A. in Economics and Politics, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, Freiburg, Germany
  • Sc. in Economics, University of Charleston, South Carolina, USA
  • Senior Manager and Climate Finance Professional, with 12 years’ experience in delivering climate, environment and sustainability consulting services to financial institutions (commercial banks, development finance institutions and non-banking financial institutions), real economy (businesses) and the public sector actors
  • Strong finance and management background in the energy sector, specifically in renewable energy, energy and resource efficiency, environmental risk assessment
  • project monitoring and evaluation, and policy advisory from consultancy assignments in 30+ countries across Europe, MENA, Asia and the Pacific region.
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Partner, Energy & Infrastructure Finance Expert


Frankfurt School of Finance & Management GmbH


Frankfurt am Main


As part of sustainable development, efficient and sustainable solutions including financing support to urban development plays an ever-increasing role. We at Frankfurt School have recognized the unique opportunity to support selected cities within MGI in their endeavor towards becoming a smart city. I am excited to put into practice new theories and models of inclusive solutions towards deployment of smart infrastructure investments in the target cities.